How to put a pointlight in myself?

Simple question:

How do I put a pointlight into myself inside of studio? Not in the player, just in that pointer (Idk what it is called, I guess the roblox studio player or something?).

I need to work in areas that are not well lighted and this could be helpful to know.

I have tried looking in explorer and found nothing.

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add a part, put a point light in it, run a script in command bar to move the light to workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame

Turn off the Archivable property on the part to make it not publish the part to live games

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Why not just alter the Lighting settings while you work on it, then set them back when you’re done?

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just use a plugin? Examples:

I work with multiple people and it might distract them.

Yeah I don’t really know how to do that. I don’t know if it might even be complicated as I work with other people.

I don’t really trust such plugins which barely have any reviews but I will try to use one and see how it goes.

the plugin has 600+ likes and I even use it

Anything you get from @sleitnick is trustworthy.

Ok, thanks. It is quite helpful, though, it has a large radius which might annoy the other Developers I am working with… Any way to configure it?

You should just be able to select the PointLight Distance (or Brightness) Properties if possible.
I’m not sure if that’s something you can simply modify in the PointLight that’s in your camera in the workspace, or if you have access to the plugin change the setting there so it loads the way you want it to.

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