How to put brick in certain location relating to another brick

Hi Developers! I was wondering if anybody knew a way to put in exact locations relating to another brick. Sorry, if I’m not clear enough in that sentence or in the title. Here is a screenshot:

I want to make it so the corroded metal piece is in the EXACT center of the baseplate brick and the 4 red blocks are exactly the same distance from each other and from the corroded metal brick. Note: This is for a game I am creating and the blocks won’t actually be those colors, it is just to show my point.

To put the corroded part in the centre of the Baseplate, just get the position value of the Baseplate in its properties, copy it, and paste it into the position of the corroded part.

To get the other 4 parts an equal distance apart, I would recommend putting those parts in the centre of the Baseplate as well, and moving them certain distances by changing the increment to your liking.

(e.g. move each part 2 studs to the side and 4 studs up / down)