How to remove little gaps from parts?

I’m making experience that is similar like Minecraft.

I’m trying to fix this tiny tiny gap between two blocks.

I think that texture makes that gap, but how to remove it?

(i have tried gap filler and other plugins.- Without that texture it does’nt show.) also (That gap shows only from other side)

Extra images=

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Did you union the the top layer of each section?

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No, if i union them i have to put every texture back, bc union will remove all textures.

I would copy the textures in workspace like this image then union and CTRL shift v on the selected Union which will paste them into your union

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Oh i will try that soon. Also there are different textures like Solid ground, rock and grass. so i cant union everything in one layer.

Only do the green layer because the bottom layer should’nt be noticeable.

how i fix those others with different textures

Is the grass separate from the dirt?

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And btw if i paste that texture to union it will bug
like this

You must be using one part. Try make one part the grass layer and the other the dirt layer,you can also make it a little more detailed this way. As the grass layer can overhang the dirt layer.

i fixed it already image
but if you union them it will bug like this image

Have you tried to Union the parts?

Yes but it glitches. I found how to fix it. I made that block again with 2 part and just recolored them (without using textures (except top part))