How to remove the boundary from your own tower so that it is visible only on other people's towers?

Greetings to all developers! I am creating a game in the TD genre, there was a problem with marking the boundaries when placing towers.

In the game world, there is a folder with blanks, where the models come from. There I placed a conditional border in the form of a circle.

In the modular script, there is a function responsible for spawning the tower. In it, I have placed the following lines of code, which serve as cloning the border for each new tower.

local height = (newTower.PrimaryPart.Size.Y/2.3) + newTower["Left Leg"].Size.Y
		local offset =, -height, 0)
		local ZoneCircle = workspace.Info.ZoneCircle:Clone()

		ZoneCircle.CFrame = newTower.PrimaryPart.CFrame * offset * CFrame.Angles(0, 0, math.rad(-90))
		ZoneCircle.CanCollide = false
		ZoneCircle.CanQuery = true
		ZoneCircle.Parent = newTower

In the local script responsible for game control, there are placeholder functions for towers - AddPlaceholderTower() and RemovePlaceholderTower(). These functions have a loop that sets transparency for each boundary in each tower, if any.

for i, tower in pairs(workspace.Towers:GetChildren()) do
		local ZC = tower:FindFirstChild("ZoneCircle")
		if ZC then
			ZC.MeshPart.Union.Transparency = 0.4 -- 1 for RemovePlaceholderTower()

To clarify, each tower has a personal configuration folder in which there is a value with the name of the owner (player) of the tower.

There is a problem that the circle of the tower owner and the border intersect with each other in the tower placement mode.


How to remove the boundary from your own tower so that it is visible only on other people’s towers?

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Check if player is owner of tower and delete circle if check succeed on local script?
But will be better if you instead of what you did with boundaries, just create them on client from beginning, so server won’t see them at all.

I have already tried, unfortunately, I did not succeed. That’s why I’m asking for help.

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