How to request your Moderation History [Roblox and DevForum] (DevEx Help)

(This tutorial is intended for developers who have questions about their moderation history to enter DevEx)

:balloon: Roblox Moderation History: :balloon:

  1. You will first have to send a message of support like this:

  1. When you send the message they answer that you verify the identity of the account with a government document and also if it is within the jurisdiction of the previous laws.

  2. Once verified, you will be sent two attached documents (IP Addresses and Right of Access).

  3. Open “Right of Access” and go down to the end. (You will see your moderation history).

:warning: Warning :warning:

:speaking_head: DevForum Moderation History: :speaking_head:

  1. Go to the “Activity” section:

  1. Click “Download All”.

  1. Let’s go to the “Notifications” section and download the zip file that they have given us:

  1. Now we go to the location where it was downloaded on your computer and extract it.

  2. And finally we open the folder and open the excel file called “flags.csv”.

I hope it helps you all, so that you are more calm when sending the DevEx request! :hugs:


k i didn’t know u could do that. But what does the
things mean in english?

Oh sorry, I didn’t realize it!

Data privacy request
Right of Access

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so this is correct?

so uhh, what do i do here?

Nothing, it’s an automated email.
Wait for one of the support team to respond

ohh so I dont respond with my user name and stuff?


(30 cractsaasfas)

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How do i verify? I thought you dont send anything?

Has support sent you another email?

I think kinglol wants to know (and me too) how we get our hands on this ‘government document’ to prove that our account belongs to us should they ask for it.

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It is the same as verification by Roblox ID (DNI, Passport or Drice License).

But don’t send it until they tell you.
This is probably a link to IDology for verification.

Example of when they tell you to verify:


No they havent. Its been 15 hours

That’s weird…

(Wait until tomorrow and if he doesn’t answer do this:)

Respond to the message with this:

Username: "Yourname"
Verify: This email is linked to the account.

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You have to reply that you wish to proceed with the Right of Access request. Only then, they will proceed with your request.

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so uhh I got this message

what do I do?

Username: “Yourname”
Verify: This email is linked to the account.

Right of Access

this good?

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Yup, that’s correct.


ok thank you. But lets say, they ask me to provide a government id. What do I do? I dont live in the eu or in california so what do I do?