How to reset the Orientation values without rotating the part?

I created this MeshPart in Blender, but when importing to Roblox, it got the wrong orientation.
To make the arrow point to the Z-axis, I had to rotate Y to -90 degrees:


The problem is that this is interfering with the CFrame:ToWorldSpace(), since it’s the only part with an Orientation.Y ~= 0…

I would like to know if I can reset / fix the current orientation, that is, change Orientation.Y from -90 to 0, but keeping that MeshPart in the current VISUAL rotation, ie, Orientation must be (0, 0, 0) without moving the current part.

Why not just import the mesh again with the correct orientation? it will only take a few mins/secs


I have experience with 3DS Max. I remember that you had to reset the axis before importing to have it oriented properly for most programs. If you can’t zero out the orientation from Blender, then Blender must use a different rotation plane than ROBLOX. In that case, you could just rotate it in Blender according to ROBLOX’s 0 rotation. (-90 degrees from the original export angle)

Other than that, you’d have to keep it to -90, but that would be inaccurate and it would require work arounds to get the proper facing direction. I say rotate it in Blender for the best result. It’s just a mesh anyways.

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