How to Revert LinkedScripts

I just went through the forums and someone said to check your group’s audit log to find the script, the problem is every script is named “Script” and all the edits are not shown. Today I was working on my game and I forgot to change the script to Embedded. I ended up editing the script and it went to all my games. This caused my entire game to break and is currently unplayable. Is there any way to easily find a specific linked source and revert it?

You might find it in the Game window there should be a section for LinkedSource / Scripts

If that doesn’t work you can use the CommandBar to find Scripts that uses a LinkedSource

There is no way to revert it through that way, it only allows you to insert it into your game. The only way is to find it through your group and all the linked sources are named “Script” by default. I found the script and reverted it and everything is working fine again. This should maybe be under Studio Features but I don’t have access to that forum. Hopefully Roblox can organize linked scripts/be able to revert them through the Studio interface.

Very important bookmark.