How to save character after set player.Character to nil?

When I set player.Character = nil, then character destroyed. I want keep character after player.Character = nil, I know that I can clone character, but for my system this is bad idea (because I have something on client in character). If I will change character in studio, all work fine.

All you would need to do is set the character to archivable

player.Character.Archivable = true
local savechar = player.Character:Clone()
player.Character.Archivable = false

Archivable is a bool that determines whether or not an object can be cloned

I know, but I don’t want clone (because I don’t want destroy)

I thought setting the char’s parent to nil would destroy it? Maybe instead of setting the char’s parent to nil, you could try to store it in a file in Replicated Storage

Yes, if I will set player.Character to nil, character will be destroyed, but this not happen in studio(manual property change)

Could I get more context to your problem? Why do you need to save the character after setting it to nil?

I have custom chat UI in character on client, so if server will clone character chat ui will not saved.
I can copy chat ui on client again, but this additional overload.

Maybe then I guess you could try to make the edits on the client considering the server will affect the client everytime, or better you try the post below me

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Character = Player.Character

if not Character or not Character.Parent then
    Character = Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()

Maybe this will work

This not what I want I think//

Why do you want to destroy the character as in setting it to nil? Like what is that good for?

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I don’t want do this! I just want change player.Character to other character and save old character without clone.

So you want a morph type system is that what you are looking for? There are videos of how to implement morph systems out there already.

Idk, I just don’t want destroy character

Are you saying that you have some GUIs which you want to be kept upon the player respawning?

If so, then you can just set the ScreenGui’s ResetOnSpawn property to false

Save the Humanoid description then (clone it) and then you can reapply it. I made an avatar customization on one of our games and just save those as presets.

nah, I have UI on client, so server can’t clone.

I don’t want clone, this is problem

Nevermind, I will clone character.