How to save model data from multiple models that have been cloned and insert it when anyone joins?

I’m currently working on a small project that makes it so whenver you join a tombstone with your name on it will appear, if rejoined however it wont clone again (never) basically it keeps going to the right and etc…

Now I wanna make it so I can save all that tombstone data from all the players that joined and Insert them into a new fresh server!


Have an array that adds the players who already joined.
if you need to save that array from a different server just use a DataStore

You can store an array as @AvionicScript mentioned and then store the model(s) properties into that array.

For example:

local Model = YourModelPath
local ModelData = {}

ModelData.PrimaryPart = Model.PrimaryPart
ModelData.Parent = Model.Parent
ModelData.Name = Model.Name

local ModelDescendants = {}
for _, Index in pairs(Model:GetDescendants()) do
    if Index:IsA("Basepart") then
        -- Save the parts Properties

The thing is, I just need to store every players model that have been cloned and whenever a new server is created it inserts that all, lets say there are 30 players that have a tombstone, it would insert all those players tombstones even if they arent online in-game.

I believe you can actually load a players data even if they arent in the game.

Take this as the logic:
1.) Player joins the game and builds a structure
2.) Player leaves the game and the structure gets saved
3.) If someone wants to see this players structure, they can submit a request to the server so that they can load the players structure without them being there.