How to save studio keyboard shortcuts?

So once I accidentally removed my keyboard shortcuts for zoom to (f) and duplicate (ctrl+d)
Every time I try to save the keyboard shortcuts they disappear after I reopen studio

What am I supposed to do to make them actually save? Video recording and/or step by step walk through would be amazing thanks

File > Advanced Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts > Change box > Click apply > Set

I see Customize Shortcuts not Keyboard Shortcuts in File
Iā€™m not sure what Change Box is, but there is only Ok, not Apply nor Set for me

Change box = click on box and enter new value. Weird, I thought there was a apply button. Try just pressing ok and see if that works.

it did not save!!!

I would suggest filling a bug report. If you can reproduce it 100% of the time, record / take screenshots of it and file a report.

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