How to save ui position and size on all devices without plugins?

I want to make button in ScrollingFrame but Frame and buttons dont save their normal position and size.I know there is a plugin whinch can help me. I used this plugin but it didnt work correctly.I think it happens only on scrolling frame , buttons change their positions on all devices not corretly.Thanks for any help.

You Could use a free Plugin: AutoScale Lite - Roblox

But Since you want to do it without: Use a UiAspectRatioConstraint
Here a explanation what it is:

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ok thanks. i dont use autoscale lite because it didnt work normal on scrolling frame

but do you know how to change position too?

Use autoscale nightly. Worked for me

The AutoScale plugin also has a feature to convert/scale position. Are you using any objects such as a UIListLayout or UIGridLayout in your scrollingframe?