How to scale on minimalized screens

I do use the plugin AutoScale lite to scale my UI on all devices, but it doesn’t quite work. I’ve also tried adding UIAspectRatioConstraints with the right values, but it still doesn’t work…

When I minimalize my screen (in the roblox player), all the UI looks really weird.

The black line is there so that the UI scaling change is more visible.

In studio





My UI also normally scales, but with the square, and the UIAspectRatioConstraints make it weird.

I have UIAspectRatioConstraints at the correct values, and I scaled it using the AutoScale Lite plugin, I don’t understand what’s wrong, and how to fix it.



I’m pretty new to UI, and I don’t really get scaling at the moment, any help with the scaling issues would be appreciated!


Ok, what did you do in the AutoScale Lite plugin? Did you accidentally hit position instead of scale? Or both position and scale? that would mess it up.

I press scale, and scale, and it works perfectly fine, except in this case with the square.

I don’t get why, it works perfectly fine for all my other UI that isn’t square.

I still have no idea what to do, the square shows fine in studio (it is scaled), but it doesn’t scale in-game with any screen size.