How to scale rotations

Is there any way to scale rotations?

This is the issue I am encountering:

Perhaps you could use a aspect ratio constraint?

Can’t view the video. I’m not making a Vimeo account just for this :sweat_smile:

i will make myself useful

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Oh sorry, it was the fastest place I could I find

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There’s no built-in way, and since the angles between points change every time you resize the canvas, you’ll have to update every rotation when that happens.

There are some possible workarounds though. You could for example make sure the canvas (or whatever is the parent of the line segments) is always at a constant aspect ratio, e.g. 1:1. Try an AspectRatioConstraint and see if that helps.

Ok let me try. Do I add it only to the canvas or all the parts inside?

Just to the canvas chars chars