How To script a quest GUI and animate models once quest starts

Hello I am trying to make a quest GUI but I haven’t started scripting it yet. I am trying to make like… Ok so in quest #1 you go to a castle and a frame will fade once you arrive and the camera will interpolate 3 times and once you unlock the castle, the frame will fade to black (BackgroundColor3 Of Frame) (0,0,0) (Black) Via BackgroundTransparency To 0 Then after that, the frame will fade by BackgroundTransparency + 1 Then once you walk down the stairs, and press the cutscene block, It will interpolate again and animations will play from a model and after that’s done, the frame will fade to black again and BackgroundTransparency to 0 then to BackgroundTransparency + 1. Does anyone know how to script that?

Scripting support isn’t for free scripts, but here are some things you can use for what you described.
TweenService to interpolate.
LoadAnimation to create animations or AnimationControllers for non humanoids.

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I’m sure people do. Do you? If not, I would suggest looking at some API available on the Developer Hub, since this is not a category to ask for free code!

Mainly, you are going to want to look at documentation for the Camera and animations. Perhaps you may also want to throw in events to determine when the cutscene should play and all.

A few relevant items you may want to search for:

  • TweenService
  • CurrentCamera
  • Animations
  • BasePart.Touched
  • ClickDetector (or equivalent)
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Ok thanks for the ideas. This might be helpful

I will definitely use Game:GetService(“TweenService”) and camera:Interpolate thank you

If you’re already using TweenService, you won’t have a need to use Interpolate. TweenService can do what Interpolate can and more.

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Ok, but the GUI comes down slowly and gives you instructions on how to complete the quest. And once you are in the castle, the GUI will fade as the frame does then it will not show up again until after the frame fades to black after the animations play. It will tween after the frame fades to BackgroundTransparency + 1