How to script a Vehicle Camera Shake?

If the Vehicle turns to the right, i want that the Head is moving a bit to the left and then back in its previous Position, how could i do that?

Are you wanting the character’s head to move back and forth or the camera? By back to its previous position do you mean facing in the same direction as the vehicle, or no longer facing towards it?
For both, I would recommend using some sort of Spring Module. That is the easiest way to achieve this kind of result.

I mean like, imagine you are driving a Car and you are fast. Infront of you the Street ends and it continues if you turn to the right. If you are turning to the right while you are fast in the Car your Head would not be in the constant Position, your Head would go to the left or hit the Glass on your left, just for Example. I want if the Vehicle goes to the left the Head would move to the left a bit then back.