How to send GUI in another GUI to the back?

I am currently making a GUI for my game but ran into an issue where my GUI is in front of another GUI that I want to place behind.

I would like the white Frames to go behind the MidFrame, but couldn’t get it to work. I tried to use ZIndex, but that didn’t work, and came up with the idea that the issue is that the Frame that I want in the back is inside the GUIs I want in the front.
The GUI layout
As you can see, the 2 Frames boxed in red are the frames that I want to send behind the MidFrame(and the Build and Train buttons). Is there any way to send these frames to the back?

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You can set the ZIndexBehaviour of the ScreenGui to Global. Any object with a higher ZIndex within the ScreenGui will overlap those with lower ZIndex values.


Can you explain how to use ZIndexBehaviour? I’m not sure how to use it.

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Go to both frames and do this:


It didn’t really work. I set the ZIndex to 0, but it didn’t do anything

As you can see, the ZIndex is 0 for Build, and I also set Landscape to 0 as well. It didn’t change their layering for both of them. I’m not sure if this information is useful, but Landscape, Build, and Train all have a ZIndex of 3, and MidFrame has a ZIndex of 2 currently.

Hmm, Maybe set the Build and Train frame to a ZIndex of 2

Nothing changed. Landscape’s and Build’s(instead of using Train, I switched it to Landscape)frame were still on top of their parents, and any UIs above

I don’t think I can help you. I don’t under stand what you want to do.

It’s a property of the ScreenGui.

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I see. It’s working now. Thanks for the help