How to set a constant animation (equip animation) after a finished animation?

I want to run an animation after an animation is completed but as the equipping animation of a tool. Since I already handled running the animation in actuality, I want to set the equip animation afterwards, how would I go about this? Also, the animation that is for equipping is the last second animation of the equip animation. A script is not much needed if I can be told how to do it.

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AnimationTracks have a “Stopped” event that you can wait for, or attach a callback to (to chain the next animation):

While that does help, I have already known about the Stopped event, just the constant equip animation part is what I need.

You are just confused as to how to play a repeating animation then? You can just set the animation Looped property to on and it will play repeatedly until stopped.

I am not sure if this is how an equip animation is efficiently played. I am talking about how when you hold a tool, it automatically places your arm up. I want to recreate that constant animation that makes it stay forever like that but for my equip animation since I am creating an equip animation effect that then goes into how the player will wield the weapon.

Think of a katana unsheathe then you holding the sword or you grabbing something from your pocket into your hand as a weapon.

Make two animations, one for the equip motion and one for the constant equipped pose. Play the equip animation first, and when it finishes play the constant pose animation.

Yeah for the constant pose animation, should I just loop it?

Yes. thirtycharactersthirtycharacters