How to set a custom rigged character as a playable character

I’ve been playing around with the new nesh deformation and extended tris count recently and I’m wondering
How do I set a custom rigged character as the playable character?
Here’s how the hierarchy of the character looks in the engineexpr

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I think you can name it: “StarterCharacter” and put it inside “StarterPlayer” and it should automatically give the player that character. I don’t know if this works with the mesh deformation.

Already tried that method, no success

Then it probably ain’t possible with Mesh Deformation. :confused:

Maybe after the player’s char spawned, you will weld it to the player?

Pelvis is not a private part of a male body, it’s a bone that covers the lower part of the torso. You’re mistaking it with something else entirely.

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my fault, sorry it’s early and my memory isn’t really 100% so yeah thanks for pointing that out.