How to share variables or data between scripts with modules (also oop help)

Hi devs, i finally got access to the forum. Im making a bomb game using OOP

Ok so, i have two server scripts, one Main and other Match, and some Modules, the constructor called “Bomb” and then the classes (like Void or Missile). now i have a _G table where i have the current players, so my modules, Main and Match can access the players that are currently playing the game (also tell me if im doing OOP wrong )

-- example using my bomb module 
local Bomb = {}
Bomb.__index = Bomb

function Bomb.New(model, pos, damage , radius, Time)
    local newBomb = setmetatable({}, Bomb)
    newBomb.Model = model
    newBomb.Model.CFrame = pos
    newBomb.DetonationTime = Time
    newBomb.damage = damage
    newBomb.radius = radius
    return newBomb

function Bomb:GetNearestPlayers()
     local model = self.Model
     local Targets = {}
     for _, player in pairs(_G.Match.CurrentPlayers) do
       -- magnitude checks and stuff, i may use spatial queries later, dunno
           table.insert(Targets, player)
     return Targets
return Bomb

-- one of the class module (just in case)
local Bomb = require(ServerStorage.Modules.Bomb)
local Boom = {}
Boom.__index = Boom
setmetatable(Boom, Bomb)

function Boom.New(...)
     local self = setmetatable(Bomb.New(...), Boom)
     return self

function Boom:__Init()
     local Targets = self:GetNearestPlayers()
     for _, player in pairs(Targets) do
        local Char = player.Character
        if Char then

return Boom

-- Main script spawns the bombs and so
-- match...well, basically inserts players in _G.Match.CurrentPlayers and if a player dies, then remove it from the table

Now, i know using _G is a really bad practice, but also i know Bindables do exist, but i heard Modules are better, but the problem is, how? I understand that modules are local (attached to the script that required it), so i dont know how, example in case I didn’t explain well:

-- module
local module = {}

local Number = 1
function module.AddNumber()
     Number += 1

function module.GetNumber()
    return Number
return module

-- script 1
local module = require(path)
print(module.GetNumber()) -- prints 2

--script 2
local module = require(path)
print(module.GetNumber()) -- prints 1

So i dont get it, why people says not to use _G and instead use Modules to share data, if theres the local thing? I saw devs saying that also modules can be used instead of Bindables to communicate between script1 and script2, so what do i do to share the CurrentPlayers table and if a player dies, then remove it from the table, but also want “Main” or “Bomb” to know that the player isnt there anymore. (Sorry if my english is bad)

I highly recommend you take a look at metatables!

With the right framework, you can manipulate multiple tables within multiple scripts with no problems.