How to slide down on blocks

So im basically making a wall that has a part that is a wedge, the problem is - when you step on that wedge you dont fall, i want the player to slide down super fast automatically when he touches the wedge, even when standing still

  1. I dont want to put invisible block to act as hitbox
  2. I dont want any scripts
  3. Yes, i tried with friction settings but its doesnt work the way i want
    4.I dont want to use ragdolls
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Can’t you just set the Y Velocity on the wedge to a large negative value?

It would be like an upside down conveyor belt (anybody remember making those as a beginner? lol)

Excuse me if i’m wrong, but can’t this just be done by editing MaxSlopeAngle of the player’s Humanoid?

I don’t think so, that will just make it fall, not so much as slide.