How to spawn part with rotation applied by sending through a RemoteEvent?

Hey! So do I make it so when I rotate it, currently seeing the preview part locally you can rotate it, but when I trigger/place the part, it doesn’t apply the rotation from the PreviewPart. How can I achieve this? I did try to add 3 arguments to the remote the fires to the server but I can’t find or get a clue the value of the Vector angles.

If you saw the video, you might see the position a bit of the issue, but that’s fine by me. I just wanted to figure out not to apply the rotation from the local script to the server. Thanks in advance.

This is very simple. Im not gonna spoon feed you though, so…

Basically in the part theres a rotation property. when you do the selected rotate, make it save the rotated number. so when you wanna place it you just change the property to what the selected one is.

so it should be like: rotating invisible part > saving the property > placing the part with the saved properties.

if you dont get how im trying to explain the consept, theres lots of tutorials on youtube that are similar to what your looking for.
goodluck with this!

Also, make sure the part isnt a model, you can just make hitboxes to solve that instead of unions.

the only reason i say hitbox instead of union is cause in this case different parts can be different colors. but if there all the same color then union it.

Send the partPreview’s CFrame to the server instead of the mouse hit position. Doing this gives the desired orientation and fixes it going into the ground because of it being positioned at the mouse.hit.


Apologies for the late reply, was doing school exams. Thanks for letting me know because I didn’t know I could do this. Also I added a CFrame.Angle argument as well. Thanks for helping out.