How to specifically call a "ParticleEmitter" in a function by its name and not by its property

Currently I want to enable a function that turns on a ParticleEmitter entity but I don’t want ALL the particles within the “blade” to activate and only the ones named “Boom2” - as seen in the image; how do I specifically call that string?

Using “v:Isa(”“)” doesn’t seem to properly select the particle through the name but instead select ALL particles within the blade.

How do I directly select a single particle or group of particles by name?

Any suggestions would be appreciated! <3

or (v:IsA(“ParticleEmitter”) and v.Name == “Boom2”)


OMG I LOVE YOU!!! thank you friend holy moly you saved me so much time.


But I think I inputted it wrongly, it says the error “unfinished statement”

Probably forgetting something stupidly simple

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Remove the " marks from my comment and replace them with your own. Its a different symbol.

or (v:IsA("ParticleEmitter") and v.Name == "Boom2")

This might work, otherwise just replace all " marks with your own.


Thank you friend, that worked.


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