How to stop a long union progress (need help)

I’ve been experiencing many issues on unions, it disappears and it randomly makes itself to a other position.
But what i’m asking is how to stop a long processing union, sometimes i don’t want to wait very long so i’m here to ask how to stop it.

Any answers? I really want to solve it. And i also don’t want to lose my data.

Try to union smaller parts rather than a ton at the same time. Should hopefully lessen the calculation the union has to do in order to make the cuts if you are doing negating or unioning. Models/parts with more details/triangle counts take longer, and unioning is dependant on your graphics card or cpu so your computer specs might be also a bottleneck. For the unions randomly disappearing I don’t know much how to fix it, but I usually undo if possible, or reload an old save before it disappeared. Hope this helped.

Thank you, still not a solve but we’re trying to search the fastest way how to stop it.