How to stop the player, without preventing him to walk

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. What do you want to achieve? That the player stop to walk after they leaved the hoverboard!

  2. What is the issue? When you walk before entering the Hoverboard, the Humanoid thinks you are still walking, and the WalkSpeed is set to 0.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I looked how to stop it, and saw that theres smth to block the walking. [PlayerControls:GetControls and then disabling it], which worked for pc but, which ended of leading the mobiles not to walk. Im using ContextActionService for Binding rotation and moving, and making custom buttons is looking weird, and is hard to control on phone.

After that, you should include more details if you have any. Try to make your topic as descriptive as possible, so that it’s easier for people to help you!

local function Unequip_Hoverboard()
	local Humanoid : Humanoid = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
	Equipped_Hoverboard = nil
	rotation = 0
	movement = 0

forgot to mention, im not even clicking/holding w

I would try setting Humanoid.PlatformStand to true instead of changing the walkspeed. It may not work, though.