How to stretch a limb

I’m trying to make a script where the player’s limb stretches a bit (using R6) but I can’t figure out a way to do it, it should stretch to where the cursor is at.

So far I have this.

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

game:GetService("UserInputService").InputBegan:Connect(function(input, event)
	if input.KeyCode == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 then
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You can use the GetMouse function to return the mouse object. The mouse object has the Hit property which is the CFrame in of where the mouse is and therefore where to stretch to.

Can you define what you mean by stretch though? Do you mean like increase it’s size in the direction of the mouse?

By the way,

You should be comparing the input.UserInputType ie.

if input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 then

I believe he meant by making the torso (or whatever part of the body) longer if you press a button.