How to switch constraint whilst animating?

I’ve always wanted to make a reloading animation on ROBLOX with my viewmodel. While animating the reload, I’ve found out a problem: How do I make the mag attach to the arm and not the gun anymore? I tried to use multiple Motor6Ds to connect them as following:

  1. I’ve connected the first Motor6D between the gun main part and the magazine (The gun main is the base part).

  2. As for the second Motor6D, I’ve connected them between the left hand and the magazine (The left hand is the base part).

As a result, whenever I tend to animate the “Enabled” property of the Motor6Ds, one part chooses to freeze and not letting me to move it.

So, is there are any so I can switch the constraints while animating, or do I have to pose them frame by frame?

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Figured it out that you cannot switch constraint whilst animating, best thing to do is to attach the gun’s main part to the HumanoidRootPart then import it into Blender and do it further with Blender constraints. The optimal way to make sure the mag is attached to your left arm while making sure it’s attached to the gun as well is using ChildOf constraint with the base object being the mag and the attached part being the left hand. No one have answered this post so I’ve answered it myself after 5 months, thanks anyways.