How to tween a model locally?

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    Hello ! I have a tween model ModuleScript (located in the ReplicatedStorage)
    And i want to tween the model locally but visible for all the clients.

(I want to tween the model locally because on the server side it’s not smooth)

  1. What is the issue?
    I don’t know how to do it.

  2. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I searched on devforum and other and i didn’t find my problem case.

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There is a tutorial to how to tween a model. After this, learn how to use remote event and here you go

I know how to tween a model and how to use remote events but i just don’t know how to tween in on the client side

Why not just tween it server side then? Maybe explain your case and why you want to play it on client

I want to tween it on the client side because on the server it’s not smooth

Have you tried using a For Loop for this job?

What do you mean a for loop ??

Well for example:
If i want to move a model i have to choice:

  1. tweening
  2. CF inside a for loop

Oh okay, i didn’t try the for loop with CF inside because i don’t know how to do it, is there any tutorial ?

It will probably won’t work if the whole model is anchored, else you could probably find anything about it on google yes

well the whole model is anchored

Basically, i can’t really help on how to do it with tween properly but i have an hacky solution. Why not teleporting the whole model at the destination once the model has been tweened on client?

im gonna try to find a soluce, thanks for your help

Well sorry, i have no more idea. I will let someone more experienced helps you

What I do is have a LocalScript handling the tweening, and a RemoteEvent. Whenever something needs to be tweened, I pass the information through the RemoteEvent, and then the LocalScript takes care of the job.

Something call :FireAllClients would help, also need to handle when another new player join

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You could just use a remoteEvent and a localScript

I’ve done this before. It’s the same on how you would tween a UI. I’f you need me to show you an example I’ll gladly show you

Make a RemoteEvent, on which you can call to all clients (from the server!) to each locally tween that specific model

     tweenModel(model) -- Example function, replace with your own
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I doubt doing it locally would make it smoother, your better off doing it server side.