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DataStore2 is an open source module that uses berezaa’s method of saving data that prevents data loss, caches, and verifies data before saving. DataStore2 has been used in my game visited by 120 million players with a constant concurrent player count of around 3,000 - 8,000 players, one time reaching 12,000 concurrent players. @AlreadyPro’s latest game Fairy World has 3 million visits and a consistent concurrent player count above 1,000, and a peak of 5.8k players, and was featured by Roblox. @vCaffy’s Dungeon Quest uses DataStore2, and has at the time of writing 350 million visits and a consistent player count of tens of thousands.

To this day, I have yet to receive a single case of data loss.

If you also use DataStore2 in your production game, let me know! I’d like to know the reach of my work.

Where do I get it?

You can download the latest version of DataStore2 on the releases page on GitHub. Simply download the rbxmx file and drop it into Studio.

How can I stay up to date?

I will be posting news, changelogs, help requests, etc on this thread. Please mark it as “watching” so you get notifications whenever I post on it.


The documentation for DataStore2 is available at DataStore2.

From there, you’ll be able to find examples, API reference, etc. This documentation is new, tell me if you like it or if there’s any issues!

Example Code

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local ServerScriptService = game:GetService("ServerScriptService")

local DataStore2 = require(ServerScriptService.DataStore2)

-- Always "combine" any key you use! To understand why, read the "Gotchas" page.
DataStore2.Combine("DATA", "coins")

	local coinStore = DataStore2("coins", player)

	local function callRemote(value)
		ReplicatedStorage.CoinAmount:FireClient(player, value)

	-- Fire a remote event to the player telling them how many coins they have.
	-- If this is their first time playing the game, they'll start out with 100.

	-- Everytime the coin store updates, we'll send the RemoteEvent again.

-- This is a RemoteEvent where a player can purchase a product by its name.
local Products = require(ReplicatedStorage.Products)

ReplicatedStorage.BuyProduct.OnServerEvent:connect(function(player, productName)
	if not Products[productName] then return end -- Make sure the player is buying a real product

	local coinStore = DataStore2("coins", player)
	local productPrice = Products[productName].price

	if coinStore:Get(100) >= productPrice then
		print("Buying product", productName)

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any concerns or questions.

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Awesome tutorial. Datastore2 is unequivocally going to help some people, myself included. I’ll definitely try it out myself in some upcoming projects of mine. I also find fascinating that an idea from @berezaa is started to develop into further ideas from other people and thus, I can’t wait to see what other good ideas that come from it and this module. :smiley:


For our new members out there, this is the method berezaa uses:

2023 edit : I’ve noticed folks still occasionally giving a like to this post. Datastore V2 APIs exist now with key versioning, you don’t need to version data yourself anymore!


I updated DataStore2 with a minor typo fix (you’d have to make a value named SaveOnStudio instead of SaveInStudio). This reminds me to inform you that if you’re not using the require ID method to please “Watch” my repository to know when the module updates.


Actually made me tear up a bit. Glad to have been able to help :blush:


Added a “Gotchas” section for common mistakes you may come across when using DataStore2.


This. :revolving_hearts:
Is. :two_hearts:
Beautiful. :sparkling_heart:

EDIT: In the future, making this so that you don’t have to have a player instance, but just a datastore key would also be incredibly helpful!


The problem with just a data store key is that DataStore2 only saves on leave, so it’s not guaranteed the data you’re trying to get will be the same. What’s the use case for non-player instances? I can add it if I feel the use case is valid.


I’m definitely aware that there aren’t as many uses for a regular dafastore key, however, some games may use a global weather systems, notifications, etc. However, with DataStore2, would these systems really require this complexity… :thinking:

Either way, amazing system. Just integrated it into my game and the speed is definitely noticeable!


I think for the use cases you provided the benefits of DataStore2 would not be applicable or noticable, you’re much better suited using standard data stores or HttpService.

Glad to hear DataStore2 is working for you, can you message me a link to your game so I can use it as a success story? :slight_smile:


:AfterSave was added a little bit ago. In order to fix a minor memory leak, I am going to inform all users to remember the rule of not using DataStore2 in PlayerRemoving. This will now be enforced when this memory leak is fixed. Move everything you might put in PlayerRemoving for DataStore2 in AfterSave callbacks.


Suggested by yours truly


Added a backups section and three new APIs for backups in the case of Roblox outages.


That would help me too, I haven’t really used a Datastore 2 before :wink:


I can look into it @Aorda @Beartikal.


An issue with BeforeInitialGet has been spotted to where it is called on every :Get(), rather than just the first time. If you are currently using BeforeInitialGet, be prepared for this to change.


Added :GetTable, a method that makes it much easier to add new keys to tables in your data store.


Video with information on how to use it and do more complex saving like whole inventory tables, not just one coin number would be awesome :smiley:


I’m not a fan of video tutorials and I’m not under the right conditions to record a video at this point in time, sorry :frowning:


Been trying to set this up, but I feel like a lot of the documentation is really vague. The biggest issue is I have no idea how to obtain previously saved data. Does the Get() function grab a key? A value of something? Really confusing.

For me personally, having the functions written like this is also extremely frustrating:

Variant DataStore2:Get(defaultValue=nil, dontAttemptGet=false)

It’s really hard to understand what the parameters mean. The “variant” and “=nil” stuff makes it difficult for me to figure out the arguments I should use. I get you’re trying to be informative but can you make it slightly more readable?

And the descriptions aren’t that helpful. Is defaultValue supposed to be the key of the thing I want?

Also your example code isn’t helpful that much. Why are you using the comments to explain stuff totally unrelated to the module (e.g. “–Make sure the player is buying a real product”)? I’m confused on what exactly you’re giving the player when they join too… Are you getting them a value 100 or setting them or what? Very hard to understand.

I really would like to use a stable saving system like this but it’s confusing to set up. I hope you can address that stuff.