How to utilise StreamingEnabled using a Camera?

I use StreamingEnabled in my game and require a method in which to use a command to view somebody and have the streaming zone set to that player whilst the player is being viewed. Is this possible what-so-ever?

The problem is currently, I can’t view anybody outside of the loaded chunk even if I use RequestStreamAroundAsync(PlayersHumanoidRootPart) which is extremely odd.

Any ideas?

Player:RequestStreamAroundAsync() takes a Vector3, not a part. Do note that by using this function it doesn’t guarantee that it will forcibly stream the position. Also, if this isn’t the issue, you could try looking into Player.ReplicationFocus. You can read more about both of them below:


I hope this helps!


ReplicationFocus might do the trick - wasn’t aware of its existence; and I know - I was just using it as a reference. Thanks!