How to view only certain parts of packages (Like Right arm)?

Hello, I’ve been using the api, but I can’t seem to find any sub categories that show only certain limbs or torsos of packages. Does anyone know if it’s even possible?

GET request.
I assume this is what you mean.

Not exactly. I’m wanting to be able to search through right arms, torsos, or left arms almost like they’re a subcategory. Does there exist a category and subcategory id combination for those?

In luau? You can just parse the JSON with

local json = HttpService:JSONDecode(GetRequestResponse)

and do something like this

json["items"][1] -- 1 is the index 
--or loop through with
for i,v in pairs(json["items"]) do
print( -- you can use any of the keys in the json response,
--eg. owned (boolean), id (number), name (string), type (string, should be "Asset")
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