How to weld parts in a tool without bug?

Hi, I want to weld three parts in a tool. But when I appleid the weld it happen a strange bug :

Model Weld

Without weld the model in sudio is like that :

Model Studio

See my workpace and weld proprietes :

Workspace Weld

I search in the wiki but I didn’t find how to solve the problem.

I hope you will can help me


There is a useful plugin for welding called Constraint Editor (by Wunder_Wulfe) try it.
How to use it? - just select all the parts u want to weld and click on plugin

Ok I will test rhanks for the suggestions

Here is a link to a plugin that I LOVE to use, it quickly welds parts together just by selecting them all and clicking a button. I suggest using it or the one @nuttela_for1me gave you.

Hello gaming_71,
Try using a welding script instead of an actual weld, it makes it 100x easier than it would otherwise.

You can use Moon Animator welding, it’s very useful and keeps parts in place.

Thanks for everyone, and it’s confirmed, plugin are really easier than manual welding :joy:

If you don’t want to install a plugin you can also use this script. It’s very simple: insert the script in the root (therefore on the Handle part), then insert all the parts to be joined inside the Handle. The script will take care of the rest.