How to write scripts on a Mobile device/On a remote PC

There’s a common misconception within the ROBLOX developer community that leads people to believe that you can only write scripts in roblox studio. While this may be true for newer developers who need to see the explorer to see the layouts of objects in their game, if you’re already familiar with your game’s layout, you can write scripts “Blindly”, without the need for the explorer. I realised this, and managed to get alot more time in for game development by writing scripts on my phone!

I was able to get them done at a normal script writing rate, despite a family member needing my laptop, because I have a Type-C USB adapter for my laptop, and my phone uses a Type-C charging port, and my keyboard uses a USB that I put in the adapter. While most probably won’t be able to do this, if you can, connect your keyboard to your mobile device, it’ll help alot. If you can’t, no worries, you can still follow this tutorial. Open any of these following tabs to learn more:

Mobile Scripting

Here are the apps I reccommend for editing and storing scripts:

Acode - powerful code editor:


Dcoder, Compiler IDE:

Set your document’s name as '[Something].lua` to enable lua syntax highlighting

Clevnote (To save scripts):

You can email scripts on mobile to yourself when you’ve finished editing them

If you can’t get these, any notepad app will do, but you will have to use 4 spaces as indentation.

Remote Online Computer Scripting (Studioless)

Now, that’s mobile scripting sorted, but what about scripting on a remote computer that you can’t download ROBLOX studio on?

For that, I’d recommend this for editing:

And this for saving:

To save, copy your script from tutorialspoint, paste it in rextester, then hit “Save It” at the bottom. Give it a name, then hit “Ok”, and when it gives you the new URL, note down the piece of the URL that comes after “”, preferably on paper, so you can access it from home. I’ve used this technique to write scripts in school during break, and it works very well, here’s the demonstration video:

Alright, you’ve reached the end! I hope this tutorial helps you with getting more scripting done, or maybe it’ll let you kill time on train journeys.


I use DCoder for writing code on my phone. It also saves automatically and has a web client if you want to copy and paste some code over to Studio.


Thank you! I’ve added this to the post as an alternative app.

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If only roblox would add some sort of remote connection you can sync from any device to studio on another device where it’s open, maybe one day! :joy:


Yeah, that’d be really useful.

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You can do this with Obviously the device you are connecting to has to be on.

Yeah but I just meant a direct Roblox way, using a remote device controller tool seems a little off but yeah you can do it that way.