How valid is the role of being the organiser or leader of a game?

The development of a game often requires the collaboration of several different people who each have a particular skill set such as UI design or modeling that contribute towards the game. What I am wondering, are the people on these teams who don’t actually make the game but help guide it forward, plan the game mechanics, decide what one person should do what, and help with the management of the game actually accepted as people who have a role on the team? Furthermore, is it acceptable that these people are paid a percentage of the game’s earning as they are not really contributing to the making of the game itself, merely setting the course for the game much like an entrepreneur such as Steve Jobs who did not actually develop the iPhone but merely set the foundations for the development of the iPhone? That being said, if it is accepted, would posting in the collaborations category to organize a development team be accepted on the dev forums? Would being the ‘organizer’, or the ‘leader’ of a game be considered a consequential and perhaps important role?

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I think I can somewhat say that just being an organizer or leader of a team is a valid role. However, I think they need to provide more benefits to weigh down their part. Organizers or leaders without any skills probably should be able to at least invest in the game themselves or fund whatever is needed.

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It really depends on how good you are as a leader. A lot of times, people see leaders as people who just make sure the team is alright and that’s it. For me, being a leader is so much more than that.

Being a leader is about guiding your team in the right direction, making sure that they stay on course. Being a leader is about making sure that your team is motivated and ready to face any challenges.
Being a leader is about caring for your team members, are they doing well? Can they cope with their workload?
Being a leader is to revive the team spirit, to cheer everyone up when they’re feeling down.
Being a leader is to let people have someone to look up to. To know that they can turn to he/she whenever they have problems, and the leader will try their very best to help them.

The points is, there are many traits of a good leader. Remember this, anyone can be a leader, but only some can be good ones.

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I can see where you’re coming from, but personally I believe the leader should have some sort of trade (building, scripting, etc) - it will make them more relatable, and contribute more to the team as a whole.

Having a strong leader with skills like these is what makes or breaks a team.