How would i animate gun parts in a viewmodel?

I am currently working on a viewmodel for my framework. It has an inventory where you can assign items to slots

(EX: slot 1 - medkit, slot 2 - pistol)

How i am currently doing this is welding the correct model to the viewmodel’s right arm and using animations. It works okay, but theres no control over the item model itself.

I found Headstackk’s tutorial on animated gun parts, but i doubt it will work considering i am welding the model to the viewmodel.
Any ideas on how to implement this kind of thing?

To make sure it’s moving in animation editor, consider using Motor6D instead of welds

Welds are not for animating, it’s an object that attaches to the target so you should use Weld only if you don’t want to animate certain parts.
I do not recommend rigging whole viewmodel with Motor6D as it’s messed up.

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Ok thanks, but i am still a bit confused. Would i just have to parent the weapon model to the viewmodel and then play the animation, or do i need to have different viewmodels for different items?

it’s suitable to have viewmodel for each items than having items using one Viewmodel.