How would I be able to make the player turn instantaneously?

I’m making this fast paced tag based game where high walkspeeds are a requirement
when you switch directions sharply e.g from holding w to holding s there is a form of build up that I just want to get rid of
this also applies to the inertia that comes with jumping

how would I get rid of this acceleration and inertia and at the same time use the default humanoid so that I can keep climbing compatibility?

if you want to see what I mean, go into an empty studio baseplate and set your walkspeed to 50

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You could detect when the player presses a new key with UserInputService, then manually turn the character with PivotTo in the new direction they should face. I tried testing this just now and it seems to be much more instantaneous.

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apologies for the lack of clarification, the switch in direction is fine but you can see there is a decrease in speed when you abruptly switch directions, that is what I want to prevent

in terms of turning I am fine