How would I be able to make those half frames?


How would i be able to replicate this half frame?

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have two boxes that are the exact same size as each other lined up perfectly. then have less transparency in one box then the other, then use UIcorner and ur done

In my idea:

  • Frame (Holder)
    • UICorner (8+ offset)
    • UIGradient (Different color dividing from 0.5 of NumberSequence and Transparency of 0.5 idk)
    • Frame (Search bar Header, BackgroundTransparency set to 1)
      • TextLabel (Just modify until you replicate the reference)
    • Frame (Search bar)
      • ImageLabel (Search icon)
      • TextBox (Search input box)

You can use UI Gradients, Images, Frames with clip descendents.

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