How would I change the appearance of the chat?

I’m currently working on a project where I want to change the chat appearance. How would I do this? The chat package has so many different Modules, and I have no idea where to start!

I think you can start with the ChatSettings module.

You will find there many customizable options but if that doesn’t help you enough, you can disable the chat window and add your own chat in the game.

Yes, these settings help a bit, but for what I’m trying to do I need to customize the chat a lot more. The chat GUI must be created somewhere in the module, and that’s what I want to edit. Making my own chat script is too much effort for something that is probably a lot simpler.

(fyi I’m trying to simulate the 2011 chat system)

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It would be helpful if, in the future, you chose to use the search bar. There is a dedicated article related to editing the Lua Chat System and a rundown on all the modules.