How Would I Create This Effect?

Both scripting and building question

So, I want to make an effect that when you watch a part, you see something from another part, like if one part sees a red dot, I watch the part, and I see the red dot, I don’t know how I would do this, if anybody can help me.

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Can you specify what you are asking for, are you wanting to set the camera of a player to a part’s CFrame?

No, I need a part that the Player can watch, when they watch trough it, they see something form another camera that is on another oart

Like the arsenal scope down system?

I don’t know what that is, what I need is basically, there’s a part, that part is seeing something like a structure, now, from another part, I want the Player to be able to see that structure, but not being there to see the structure, do you understand?
I’m bad at explaining, I will make a drawing and hopefully get something more explainable tomorrow

So you mean you want to like put the structure in a viewport frame?

Tomorrow I will make a drawing and post it here, so it’s actually understandable, it’s hard to explain like this, but what you said is maybe what I’m looking for

Okay, I’ll be looking here tommorow

Just track the topic, it should do the trick

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Can you give a video of that so we can understand?
Like a video from other game

So kind of like a security system? Or is the premise like that?

Okay, so i sketched something like what I need

In red there’s the part in front of the player, in white is what the player sees, the blue part is the part which has the view the red part shows, and the blue thing is what the player sees

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so in other words, a player looking through a portal?

Yes, a player that looks trough a portal basically, I also want that when there’s something outside the portal that changes (ex. Someone passes by) the portal shows it to the player

Why not use a viewport frame and clone the workspace into it?

I don’t have any idea of how to do that, I heard about ViewPortFrames, and I tried creating one, but it didn’t work…

Just put a surface GUI on the portal part then put a viewport frame in the surface gui. Then put a camera part at the position of the second portal with a clone of the workspace. If it doesn’t show animations or update add the workspace clone in a world mod inside the viewport frame

Okay, so there’s the part that has the ViewPort Frame, the other part has a Camera, and the Camera has the Workspace cloned?

It’s kinda hard to explain so here’s a video ViewportFrames tutorial in Roblox! - YouTube

Okay, it kind of worked, I had to put the SurfaceGUI in StarterGUI, and set it’s Adornee to my part, the only problem is that I moved it but it’s not updating…