How would I create this?

*I honestly didn’t know were else to put this so I put it here"

I was recently playing some games, as I went into @Wsly 's Roblox Deathrun Game!, and I saw the two Roblixans like shadowed on the ground, which made me want to something like this. I honestly don’t know how though. The only thing that has popped into my head on how to do it would be Unioning, but there is no lines so It couldn’t have been. Does anyone know who I could easily do this, or any ideas on how to attempt this??

Any ideas could help, thanks guys!

It’s probably just a slightly transparent Decal.


It’s a decal set to 0.8 transparency. That’s it. All you need to do is cut out the background of the image so that you get a ‘floating’ version of your image/logo, and place it on the floor as a Decal.