How would I do aim down sights?

I have tried EgoMoose’s FPS Tutorial

Please do NOT message me that

How would I do this by moving the humanoidrootpart to the aimpart?

Why are you moving the humanoidrootpart? You can just change the players FOV to zoom in and look through the scope.

That’s not what I mean at all.

Can you explain why you want to change the humanoidrootparts position to aim? Wouldn’t changing the cameras position be easier?

Makes my camera fly away from the character.


I’m using viewmodels not tools.

Offset the cameras position when scoping in then. Its a lot easier to do than moving the whole humanoidrootpart (which will cause other issues too)

The viewmodel follows the camera offset.

Then change the viewmodel offset

Which is moving the humanoidrootpart Correct?

Idk man its your code

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