How would I edit the core of the Default Chat without the client overwriting it...?


So recently I was making a somewhat tweaked chat GUI, I didn’t want to change much, but I wanted to add some new translations to it, and I wanted to change some of the default text, and maybe add some new chat commands.

Now, I managed to copy over the default chat system, and after I made the new modified chat, I playtested in studio, and everything worked fine, however, when I join on the client, only the default chat loads.

So, how would I go by editing the core chat system?

I modified these scripts:
And got this:

However, when I join the game on the main client I get the default chat system:

When I disable the LoadDefaultChat, then the chat doesn’t load at all…
I don’t want to make my own chat system, I am just looking to change some of the text in the default chat and I would like to add some chat commands to it too.