How would I effectively advertise a game that needs a certain number of people to start?

Hey! I just recently released a new game. It’s multiplayer and in order to start a round, at least 5 people all need to ready up on a platform (think eviction notice style). I’ve been struggling to come up with ways to get people to actually play the game—at the rate im advertising right now, people will just join the game, see that they’re the only person in the server and that they need 5 people to actually play, and leave. Obviously spending copious amounts on advertising would get enough people to play, but I’m not sure if that’s effective or even doable with the amount of money I have. are there any other solutions to this? all help is appreciated :))

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  • Add single player functionality, or at least a minigame in the lobby to keep people occupied while they’re waiting
  • Start a Discord and invite people to be long term testers. If the game hasn’t been thoroughly tested yet, then don’t bother with ad money. An untested game is a broken game and probably a boring game too.

I’ve tried the long term testing thing but it just hasn’t seemed to work out for me. maybe im doing something wrong with it? mini game in the lobby sounds like a good idea though