How would I face the VFX (Visual Effect) Away from the player?

Okay so the “VFX” I am trying to face away from the player is a carrot, but Ive tried using orientation in the Tween and it glitches and makes the players carrot spin out of control. But I am trying to face it away because it just stands up instead of rotating how its supposed to. Could anybody tell me a way to make this possible?

Could you send a video by any chance? it is pretty hard to reference from just my head

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Heres the video, sorry for the bad explanation!
robloxapp-20220224-2304552.wmv (1.3 MB)

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Have you tried rotating it and then tweening it?
If you dont know how to rotate it properly then I could help you with that

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I dont, it glitches out when I do, please help

Could you send a snippet of the code of where you position it?

local Carrot; --assuming Carrot is a model with PrimaryPart
local HRP = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.PrimaryPart
local hrpcf = HRP.CFrame
Carrot:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(hrpcf + hrpcf.LookVector*1)

-- goal would be Position = hrpcf.Position + hrpcf.LookVector*20 or whatever distance you want it to go

basically do
or :PivotTo()
passing the HRP CFrame of the character, perhaps rotated if needed (multiply HRP CFrame by CFrame.Angles(X,Y,Z) )

PivotTo() is a better alternative to SetPrimaryPartCFrame

Thanks ill use PivotTo() instead of SetPrimaryPartCFrame