How would i fix this issue?

I’m having an issue with BetterChatV3, the group part of the config module.

I created my own ‘rank’ in the config script, “Council”. I tried to link this to the council rank in my group, exactly as they did for the roblox admins group. This didn’t work for some reason, I can’t figure out why. I know the rank was added successfully because I can set it to a player with their UserId and it gives them the tag and custom colours I set. However, nothing happens when I try link it to the group.


return {
	Permissions = {
		Ranks = { 
				Ranks are like permissions for the chat, we can assign things 
				like editing message access to them if you don't want regular users
				to have those. They're not admin-commands, I've just named them in this
				manner to understand more effectively.

			[1] = "Guest", --> Rank ID 1 will automatically be assigned to each user (the config below can determine their final permission level)
			[2] = "VIP",
			[3] = "Admin",
			[4] = "Council",
			[5] = "Owner" --> Automatically assigned to the group creator or game creator
		Users = {
			[1] = "Admin", --> Roblox -> Admin rank
			[184329892] = "Owner",
		Groups = {
			[1200769] = { --> Roblox admins get the admin rank automatically
				[71] = "Admin",
			[11954854] = {
				[253] = "Council",

this is the part of the script giving me issues

There is no } to close the default admin tag table. Try changing the[71] = “Admin”, line to [71] = “Admin”}, and see if it works then

There is a close, it’s the brackets after both of the groups.

There is no errors in the script so that wouldn’t be the issue

Each group is its own table, your group’s table works fine since the table is properly closed but the default admin group isn’t closed. The way it is currently set up it is checking for your group ID as the rank number in the roblox group, which is why it doesn’t error as the rank number can never be that high

I don’t think you understand. My group doesn’t work at all. I don’t know how to fix this, if you could show the code I would appreciate it.

If you remove the two lines from the groups table which sets up the default admin tag it should work fine

If it doesn’t work at that point then I would check to make sure you have the group ID and rank number correct

I’ll try it tomorrow, i am going to sleep now

it didn’t work, it still doesnt give the people in my group council

it gives me, the game owner, council and owner though