How would I get rid of part disappearing for a quick second using UnionAsync?

Whenever using UnionAsync my part disappears and then I have to parent it to the workspace in order for it to be seen. Is there a way to get around this? I have tried cloning the original pieces and then deleted them after the union was in the workspace, but it didn’t work.

Here is my script

for _, v in pairs(CollectionService:GetTagged("MainWall")) do
		if not v:IsDescendantOf(workspace) then continue end
		if next(unionWallTable) then
			local mainWall = v
			local newUnion = mainWall:UnionAsync(unionWallTable)
			CollectionService:AddTag(newUnion, "MainWall")
			newUnion.Parent = toSpawn


And here is what’s happening

I would appreciate any insight!

Why are you Unioning this? Can you just use premade models that can be cloned in to do the same thing?

If you have to use the Union route and nobody can come up with a better way, why not Union the items with them at Transparency 1, and after the 1/2 second glitch time make it Tranparency 0.

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For 1 it’s a tycoon so everything needs to be build in segments. And 2 if I use a premade union my animation will animate the whole union rather than the segment. This way I can play the animation then union the things after. If you’re asking why unions it’s because the textures line up when using unions. It’s not as apparent on the walls but with floor texture it’s definitely apparent

Ah, I get it now. The effect is pretty sweet.
If it’s a big issue and you’d like an animation type effect what if you start with a smaller Union and Tween the size and Transparency so it fades in as it’s expanding to it’s final size? You could even go to the extreme of having the Union start out centered at ground level about 2 studs wide and ‘grow’ to the correct size.