How would i get this sprite sheet to work on on a gui

hello I’ve recently had some questions on gui scripts and I’m happy they were answered but ive gotten another question how do I make this sprite sheet animated onto my gui?

ive wanted to get an animated image of this on the corner of my screen but idk how ive searched up tutorials and found nothing here is the sprite sheet

I have no genuine clue on wat to use and found nothing on the forums thank you for your time!

You can use frame rates so the thing can be animated. You cannot upload GIF’S, you need to use different frames for it to be animated. Animated frames have to be in something so then the sprite sheet will work and animate.

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Technically speaking you are showing a number of frames (read from one file in your case). In Roblox you can do so, but you will have to upload ALL the frames in separate jpg-files and them change them using timer. (I did it for model of a TV which uses 4 frames… not SO many as yours), BTW they are there repeated unnecessary. TV - Roblox

What if you just create a model of such an old cinema projector in your 3D world? It will look cooler.