How would I go about adding weapons to my game when playing?

Hello I have tried many times to get this to work but It wont.
I need help with a script that would find your team and give you the right items (Only in a specific zone)
How would I do this?

Make a script that has a function when the player joins. So now that you have the player you can use it to find when the player changes teams. Player:GetPropertyChangedSignal(“Team”) then you can give the tools that you want given by cloning the tools from replicated storage or something and parenting the tools inside the player’s backpack (Player.Backpack)

Im new to scripting so I have no idea on how that would work.

if player.Team == game.Teams.teamGreen then
– give this weapon
elseif if player.Team == game.Teams.teamBlue then
– give another weapon

Thats not the problem. I need help with something that will give you the item when a round in my game starts but I have no idea now to do that.

local item = (tool path)

item.Parent = player:WaitForChild(“Backpack”)

solved by me thank you for the responses