How would I go about and make a character somewhat like this?

I am trying to make a character

er somewhat like this, and I just need to know how.
I am making a TitanFall game, and I just need to know how to make something like this, like for example would animating a character accept models for parts like, a model named “LeftAnkle” or something would work instead of parts because making joins Union by Union would take a while.
I am somewhat good at building but for now I just need to know how I would make this like a normal character
Any suggestions can be helpful and tips.


Try searching up on YouTube " how to make a custom character in Roblox studio" there are a bunch of good tutorials. Also a Titan Fall game sounds really awesome so good luck on your game👍
Edit: Glad i could help!


Try figuring out how to use blender if you don’t know how to use it, and search up how to make custom titan fall characters on google or youtube, there are plenty of videos are characters people make and it may give you idea’s on how to build this Mech! Enjoy your day! hope your game is a great hit!


Blender is a bit too complicated, just saying for me, not trying to offend anyone using blender but, it’s pretty confusing with all the controls and stuff.

I have tried to learn it before but I gave up sometimes.