How would I go about creating a Flight system

I’ve been playing Roblox games recently and I’m just starting out in scripting, I know most of the basics, right now I’m trying to achieve a flight system similar to this game here, Superman Test - Roblox

I’ve tried creating my own flight system before, one from a tutorial but it had no rotation and was very stiff. Then I tried creating one from my own knowledge, it was better, but the body wouldn’t rotate and the controls cancelled each other out. Now I’m coming here to ask how I should go about emulating a flight system similar to this game. Now, yes I do want code to help me, but I don’t just wanna copy paste anything, I want to actually learn what each part of the code does and why it does what it does. So if some gracious soul here on the Devforum helps me out, please explain the code, don’t just put it down.

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