How would I go about making a Inventory System?

Recently I’ve been trying to make a Inventory system, this is what I’ve so far now.

I know how to make one but what would be the most efficient way to actually create a Inventory System, detecting whether something has been added to my Inventory Folder that is added upon when a player joins the game and creates a DataFolder for the Player under the replicatedstorage.

There are many ways to make an inventory system, the way I do it is just looking through a folder, lets say weapons and for each weapon check the players data table to see if they own this item, if they do then put it in their backpack, if not then continue. My system looks a little like this:

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")

-- PlayerAdded event
for _, weapon in pairs(ReplicatedStorage.WeaponsCache:GetChildren()) do
   if not player.Data.Weapons[weapon.Name].Equipped then continue end
   weapon:Clone().Parent = player.Backpack

   -- Add to inventory
   -- I usually do this using a Frame Template and cloning it
   -- Set the right properties and children and parent it to the GUI

I hope this helps, not sure if this is what other developers do, or if it’s the best way to do it but this is just the way I do it. Have a good day!

Edit: My table would look something like this:

local PlayersTable = {
    isBanned = false,

   weapons = {
        ["Wooden Sword"] = {
             Quantity = 1, -- If they have one or more they own the weapon
             Equipped = true,
        -- So on

    Stats = {
        ["Time Played"] = os.time(),
        ["Wins"] = 0,
        -- Etc

Again, I’m not sure if this is the best approach in terms of efficacy, but it hasn’t proven not to be so I’m gonna stick with this method for now. However which every method works best for scenario would work, I would recommend testing it a lot just to make sure everything works.

That method is actually really good and I appreciate you sharing it with me, I’d something similar to it but the method I’m doing is somewhat dumb and the code is sloppy, I’ll most certainly use this method! Appreciate it!

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